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Living Lively + Insane

Growing up in a small town, Dinwiddie County, VA,  I learned early on that I was insanely gifted, imaginative, colorful, and creative. There I would play dress up with clothes from me and my grandma's closet and give the "look" complimentary props which were merely toys however on brand  to the story I was telling. In high school I got a job working in retail and assisting with window displays then later participated with philanthropic fashion organizations at my college. Of course I gained inspiration early from movies and live performances, but fast forward to graduating from the University of Virginia and separating from the Military and you may wonder how I've become more enthralled in the world of Fashion and creating professionally. Truthfully, I am budding with experience from local fashion shows, photo shoots, social media campaigns, and small businesses that trust me to creatively conceptualize new imagery for them. I'm passionate about only blossoming from here because I  believe Fashion and Creative media grant us the ability to capitalize on having such wildly vibrant imaginations and bring out the beauty in everything!

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